Rafael Ferrero



A multi-instrumental musician and audio technician with 15 years of experience, his commitment to music, audio fidelity and creative techniques are the fuels that keeps him within the professional audio market. It brings relaxed and experienced behavior to the studio, always dedicated to achieving a unique and personalized sound for each of the artists with whom he works. Formed by the Synthex School of Technology in Audio, Mixing and Mastering, he had as instructors two of the greatest engineers in the international market today: Fuad Murad and Thomas Wirth. His passion for musical quality led him to found R.AudioMastering, where since then, he has sought to achieve excellence in audio fidelity, since for him:


 “It was never a matter of sounding loud, but of sounding incredible”


At the beginning of his career, listening to music from amateur artists in his city, he found a great discrepancy in their quality when compared to the recordings of artists emerging from established record labels. Many of these artists had good music, however, they still needed to refine and improve the sound of their albums. Thus, Rafael began to offer high-quality mixing and mastering at an affordable price and soon encountered a high demand and requests to balance and perfect the projects of these artists. Aiming to meet this demand for high-quality mixing and mastering services at an affordable price, he opted for online service, without the obligation of the client to have to attend the studio, gaining time and agility throughout the process.


  “Today we live in a time when the internet serves as the greatest work and dissemination tool, with several platforms that put the artist’s album practically on the same shelf as their idols! It is very common, for example, to see his friend’s band X next to Michael Jackson’s Spotify album. This massive advertising opportunity for independent bands combined with the popularization of recording equipment means that the albums need to receive a differentiated treatment of mixing and mastering for a good sonority of the product and to gain prominence in this competitive market.


 Our audio engineer Rafael has extensive experience and particular techniques that allow any recording to achieve its excellence in mixing and mastering, with professionally balanced sound and being ready to launch on any media, or platforms.



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